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We are using an innovative technology to create new green packaging materials to increase the long-life of eatable products and to replace conventional plastic packaging. Our coatings, membranes, foils and packaging are resistant to yeasts, fungi and bacteria and serve as protective film. Additives can be addressed to force a certain property. Soliquids membranes protect your food as barrier to chemicals, plastics or metalls.


Use our materials to package any product wile having a positive contribution on our environment and our health.


Beside using soliduids technology to conserve and package food, soliquids offers a broad range of different packaging materials and containers for any new dosage form such as lifestyle products, bevarages and drinks as well as new medicine dosage forms and pharmaceutical presentations. Encapsulation of food, liquids, water, vitamines, proteins, oils, carbohyrates, coffeine, alcohol, ... Use a wide variability of container designs such as our blue shiny energy pearls.


Our membranes, foils, packagings and coatings are:


100% natural and edible

100% organic

100% sustainable and biodegradable

100% chemical-free

100% vegan