what we do

We are a team of scientists with the philsophy in using nature as model to develope green sustainable packaging materials, coatings, membranes, containers and foils for a broad range of different branches such as medicine, pharmacy, sports, food, lifestyle and catering. We encapsulate solids and liquids and invented a new status soliquids. We help you to create a new product and develop new formula or recipes for any branches such as sport, medicine, pharmacy, lifestyle and other. Soliquids is very inventive oriented.


Our focus is the development of new food styles and natural dosage forms as well as foils and packages to reduce ecological and environmental damages. We are looking for alternative and natural ways to circumvent critical conventional plastic packages, but also food additives and coating substances such as palm oil, which becomes more and more to an ecopolitical issue.


Our materials are 100% natural, chemical-free, biodegradable, sustainable and at the same time edible. We offer water soluble and non-water soluble materials and are able to customize a product due to different requirements.


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